National Radon Action Month


January has been designated National Radon Action Month by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Radon gas contributed to the deaths of 20, 000 Americans in 2009 and could kill even more this year.  Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas found everywhere.  Prolonged exposure to high levels of Radon can cause lung cancer.  In fact, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and the primary cause of lung cancer deaths in nonsmokers.

You can be exposed to hazardous levels of Radon and not ever be aware it is there.  You can’t smell it, see it, or taste it.  Radon is silently bombarding your lungs with gases that break down into radioactive particles that get trapped in your lungs.  Over a prolonged period of exposure, Radon gas kills.

You can protect yourself and your family by testing for Radon gas in your homes and if found, reduce or eliminate the danger.  Radon kills, but it can also be easily prevented.  The test is easy to administer and takes very little of your time.  If high levels of Radon are found, you can hire professionals to assist you with mitigation procedures.  The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation provides more information and a list of professionals who can assist with testing and mitigation if necessary.

Listen to the story.


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