CaribbeanSEA Hosts 6th Annual Beach Party


The Caribbean Student Environmental Alliance (CaribbeanSEA) and TenneSEA are hosting a Beach Party on Friday, January 29th at the Bessie Smith Hall in Chattanooga.  This organization works with youth to influence change in how we view our water resources.  Outreach, education, and clean up projects with other organizations in our community helps to instill a better understanding, and perhaps a passion for improving water quality in the next generation of decision makers.

The annual Beach Party is a Caribbean themed celebration and fund-raiser that helps support the educational programming of both CaribbeanSEA and the local chapter, TenneSEA. The event includes dinner, island themed drinks, live music, and a silent auction.  This year the party offers something new and spicy with a salsa contest.  Area restaurants and individuals will be competing to see who can present the best salsa dip in the city.  You can purchase tickets at the door or get a discount by reserving in advance.

The message of CaribbeanSEA is always relevant.  Learn what you can change in your every day actions that could reduce water pollution and improve water quality for all our water systems.

Listen to the story.


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