Wild Ocean


Wild Ocean 3D is a truly amazing look beneath the waves as predator and prey gather along the South African coast for the annual sardine run.  Tens of thousands of sardines migrate northward while hoards of predators gather to prepare for the feast.  Dolphins, sharks, seals, birds and even man waits near the shallow coastline for the sardine shoals to rise closer to the surface.  Sardines play an important role in the food chain and these massive shoals provide for an annual feeding frenzy that is one of the most spectacular sights on the planet.

Wild Ocean 3D takes you to the center of the frenzy watching thousands of sardines writhe and twist as one to attempt to allude the predators.  The filming of this underwater spectacle is excellent as the camera crew is very literally perched in the middle of the fray.  The soundtrack and narration join with the non stop action to keep you mesmerized by the wonder unfolding on the giant screen.  The film also provides valuable insight into the most dangerous predator, man, and shows how this sardine run has been a part of the African coastal life for generations.

These sardine runs were once a part of other coast lines in the world but have since disappeared due to over fishing.  When the cycle of life is threatened at any level, other creatures will also suffer.  Everyone can get involved in helping to avoid this disaster.

Wild Ocean is showing at the Tennessee Aquarium’s IMax Theater in downtown Chattanooga.

Listen to the story.

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  1. Sardine Run Diving Says:

    One of the greatest marine spectacles on the planet, the annual sardine migration takes place from Agulhas Bank and northward up the east coast of South Africa.

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