Alert Hamilton County


Hamilton County Emergency Services is encouraging residents to register their phone numbers in the rapid notification system known as Alert Hamilton County.  This system is designed to use the telephone  to call Hamilton County residents with vital information in the event of an emergency.

In the past, Hamilton County was able to phone residents based on their land line telephone numbers.  With almost 70% of the calls coming in to 911 now being placed by cell phones, it is apparent that to reach the residents of Hamilton County with emergency information, the cell phone numbers must be collected.  This is a voluntary registration of all phone numbers.  Voice over IP numbers, or telephone service provided through the internet, should also be registered.

You can register online at or by calling 423-209-8393.

Listen to the story.


2 Responses to “Alert Hamilton County”

  1. Keenan Jakupcak Says:

    Hate it or love it, many customers are arriving at our doorway and those of service suppliers everyplace with the “VoIP is cheap” mindset still. This stimulates some to simply try and deliver the low cost answer, rather than the real solution (and taking the appropriate steps along the way). In order to reverse this the industry as a whole will want to continue to train the ordinary public as to the gains of edge devices, network monitoring, fitting infrastructure and bandwidth. It’s a huge campaign, but the upside of more better enlightened customers is a tremendous gain for all.

  2. reverse cell phone lookup Says:

    Hello, this is really interesting. Can you show me additional resources to read more ??

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