100,000 Trees


SC&A Natural Resource Consulting is celebrating 35 years of working to promote conservation in land development.  Corporate president Chris Clark is making sure their anniversary is making an impact by giving the people of the state of Tennessee one hundred thousand trees.

There are several species of tree available and all are native to the state of Tennessee.  The trees are given freely and the only thing Clark is asking in return is that people who take the trees plant them in Tennessee.  There is also a place on SC&A’s website to let them know what you did with the tree by telling your story.

planint treesDistribution of the 100,000 trees is being accomplished by local governments.  Here in Hamilton County the University of Tennessee Extension Office has already handed out 1000 trees and is expecting to receive more to distribute to area residents.  You can contact Tom Stebbins and the Master Gardeners of Hamilton County for details of this and other free tree offers by calling (423) 425-6113.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this gift to the people of Tennessee is the legacy and investment in the future that Chris Clark is offering.  Everyone can get involved in planting just a little bit of their time to the future of our state.

Listen to the story.

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