Creating Playspace at Signal Centers


Signal Centers is constructing a new playground at the school on Germantown Road.  The new play space has been designed to reflect special needs children and includes play activities targeting music and arts as well as physical activity.  This new playground will replace the former outdoor recreation area which included facilities that were not accessible and also had a road winding through the center of the space.  The new play space will be paid for by the fund raising efforts of the Friends of Special Children.

plans for playground

Listen to the story.


4 Responses to “Creating Playspace at Signal Centers”

  1. Donna McConnico Says:

    Thanks to Rabbit for featuring our new playground on the show! Masterful editing and interviewing!

  2. Katherine Janes Says:

    Rabbit, you are the best. This was a wonderful report! I posted it on facebook and emailed it all over 🙂 We have to get together for lunch or dinner soon!

  3. Teresa Jones Says:

    Thanks so much for the great coverage about the playground! We are thrilled!

  4. Teresa Jones Says:

    Find Signal Centers on Facebook to follow the progress of the playground renovation!

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