Tennessee Yards and Neighborhoods Certification


The University of Tennessee Extension Office in Hamilton County is offering certification classes in the Tennessee Yards and Neighborhoods program.  This 6 hour workshop features information on landscaping, maintenance, and tips on how to develop a sustainable environmentally friendly lawn.  Once you complete the course and incorporate specific measures in your own lawn and garden, you will be eligible for the certificate and a lawn sign proclaiming this accomplishment.

The Tennessee Yards and Neighborhoods certification is a nice alternative to the Master Gardeners classes.  The Yards and Neighborhoods classes provide environmentally friendly landscape management that saves money and protects natural resources.

Classes are broken into 2 sessions.  The first class runs April 19 and 20.  There will also be a class May 11 and 13.  You must pre-register for the workshop.   Call the UT Extension office at (423) 855-6113 for more details.

Listen to the story.  


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