WUTC Pledge Drive Reaches $100,000


Robin Higgins stands beside the world's largest pledge card.


This morning, WUTC 88.1 FM hit the $100,000 mark during its Spring 2010 pledge drive.  Listeners from right here in Chattanooga, as well as all over the Tennessee Valley, have been calling in and pledging financial support.

As a public radio station, WUTC relies directly on listeners to help pay for programs such as Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Around and About, Fresh Air, and local music programs.

The overall goal of this pledge drive is to raise $140,000 dollars.  Frequently, people call and ask, “How much longer will the pledge drive continue?”  The answer: as long as it takes to raise all the money that is needed.

WUTC’s NPR programming fees are high… nearly two hundred thousand dollars a year.  Morning Edition and All Things Considered are the gold standard in national news, and they don’t come cheaply.  Local music and news programs are expensive to produce as well.  But listeners feel that such programming is very valuable… and listeners make it all possible by supporting WUTC every year.

You can pledge at: www.wutc.org.




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