The Barley Mob Brewers & National Homebrew Day


Barley Mob Brewers logo

The Barley Mob Brewers sure do enjoy brewing home-made beer.  They also enjoy sharing the secrets of beer with other brewers.  National Homebrew Day is May 7th.  The American Homebrewers Association has been hosting Homebrew Day since 1988.  Here in Chattanooga the Barley Mob Brewers will be holding their National Homebrew Day festivities on Saturday May 8th.  Big Brew Day will begin at around 8 am and continue until the group has brewed 50 gallons of ale.

Later this year the Barley Mob Brewers will be offering  advanced classes including courses leading to a certification in beer judging.  The organization hosts social events and gets together frequently to share recipes, experience, and of course beer.

Listen to the story:


4 Responses to “The Barley Mob Brewers & National Homebrew Day”

  1. Internet Art – The Art of O :: Uncategorized :: TAP festival shows off region’s best beers Says:

    […] The Barley Mob Brewers & National Homebrew Day « Recently On Around and About […]

  2. Tony Giannasi Says:

    Thanks Rabbit!

  3. Tony Giannasi Says:

    Also, we need a mead maker for a competition in August. Interested? (We can only choose one mead to send off, so you’d have to choose Dry or Sweet. I know THAT will be a fun conversation… 🙂 ) Anyways, thanks again, spot sounds great!

  4. Rob Says:

    Very cool! Great interview, thanks.

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