Adam Walls “Playtoon” chosen for 4th Biennial Sculpture Exhibition




Public Art Chattanooga rolls out the 4th Biennial sculpture exhibit placing large-scale, rotating sculptures in public places in the downtown area.     “Playtoon” by sculptor and teacher, Adam Walls is one of  seven artworks chosen through this international juried competition.

PAC is a part of Chattanooga Parks and Recreation and initiated the Biennial Sculpture Exhibit in 2005.    The winning sculptures will be on display through October of 2011 and some may be chosen for Chattanooga’s permanent public art collection.    To learn more about Public Art Chattanooga contact Program Director, Peggy Townsend at or go to PAC’s page on the website.

Adam Walls says about this about his art in his artist’s statement page:

It is not always important to me that my viewer fully understand the concepts that drive a works such as this, however it is necessary that I give my audience a visual and tactile experience worth remembering.

Memory Bomb


Walls writes about “Memory Bomb,” his sculpture with a built-in music box:

My sculpture entitled Memory Bomb is intended to appear as both an oversized neglected toy like object and as a water mine. In an opening housed deeply inside, yet still accessible to the viewer, there is an exposed key to a wind up music box which plays Brahm’s Lullby. As this music box winds down, it is intended that the viewer make a mental connection between the pinging of this slowing music box to the ticking of a time bomb. Through this dichotomy I make the statement that past experiences, once remembered, may at times be like setting off a bomb. 

Adam Walls is both an artist an an art educator who is currently on the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.       He also enjoyed teaching art in the public school system for six years. 

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Listen to the story with Adam Walls:


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