4th Annual Bella Sera Festival to Benefit Chattanooga Endeavors

Bella Sera is an annual fundraiser to support the efforts of Chattanooga Endeavors in providing jobs, services and hope for people serving time in prison in the region.    This year’s Bella Sera happens on Saturday, June 5th in Renaissance Park.

The following is from an article called, “Stephen’s Table Leaves No One Behind”:

CHATTANOOGA, TN – Chattanooga Endeavors, Inc. (CEi) has established a network of local churches called “Stephen’s Table” to keep contact with people from the Chattanooga area that are serving terms in Tennessee’s prison system. The idea is simple,” says Tim Dempsey, CEO, “by reaching out to prisoners in a way that keeps them involved in their home town we are able to cultivate positive relationships that both improve their incarceration experience and help them when they get out.”

“Pendulum swinging back toward rehabilitation,” wrote Lauren Gregory in an article published in the Times Free Press in January of 2009.

This is from a TFP article called, “Coming Home” by the same author:


Last year, 437 people from Hamilton County were sentenced to state prisons. But at the same time, more than 500 convicts were released back into the community, according to Tennessee Department of Correction statistics. And according to a recent Tennessee Bureau of Investigation study, about 335 of them will reoffend within three years if steps aren’t taken to help them re-adjust to society and break their bad habits.

Tickets for Bella Sera can be purchased online here.

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Listen to the story:


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3 Responses to “4th Annual Bella Sera Festival to Benefit Chattanooga Endeavors”

  1. World Travel Tours » Sports Calendar Says:

    […] 4th Annual Bella Sera Festival to Benefit Chattanooga Endeavors … […]

  2. Timothy Dempsey Says:

    Thank you for the interview Monessa and for this posting on your blog. Great job! If there are any questions for me about the story or our work at Chattanooga Endeavors (or our Bella Sera event) I will be very happy to respond.

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