“Pig Farm” by Greg Cotis On-Stage at the Theatre Centre

“Pig Farm” opens at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre on Friday, May 28th and runs each Friday and Saturday through June 12, 2010 on the Circle Stage.   Performances begin at 8:00PM and there will be an opening night Reception which is also a “Girls night out” on May 28th.

The Theatre Centre has this to say about this play by Greg Cotis:

On a struggling pig farm somewhere in America, Tom and Tina (with the help of Tim, their hired hand) fight to hold onto everything they own —namely, a herd of fifteen thousand restless pigs. Dumping sludge into the river has driven Tom to drink, and Tim seems to have caught Tina’s eye, but when Teddy, a gun-toting officer of the EPA arrives to inspect the operation, life on the farm explodes, implodes, then explodes again. Not literally, of course, but… you get the idea.
By Greg Kotis, who gave us Urinetown.

Directed by Scott Dunlap.

“Pig Farm” defies easy classification,” says South Coast Repertory.

Here’s an interview with Greg Cotis published online by the British Theatre Guide.

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Listen to the story with Director, Scott Dunlap:


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