Volkswagen Pallets to Personal Projects


The Volkswagen plant is being stocked with some very large machinery that will be used to build cars.  All of this equipment is being shipped to Chattanooga on pallets which means Volkswagen has to dispose of a large amount of lumber.  Initially they were sending the wood to be chipped into mulch.  This weekend there is an opportunity for the VW equipment pallets to be recycled into projects through a collaborative effort with CreateHere.  This is the third time pallets have been offered to the community and with more equipment being shipped to the plant, there is the potential for several more opportunities.

Saturday, June 5th from 10 am to 3 pm,  everyone in the community is invited to come dismantle the pallets and take home the lumber free of charge.  Architectural Surfaces is hosting the pallet project in their parking lot at 401 East Main Street.  Bring hammers, cordless drills, pry bars, and any other tools that might help break the large pallets into usable lumber.  The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is providing a fork lift to help in the dismantling process.  Any remaining pallets will be available on Sunday, June 6th from noon to 3 pm.

CreateHere is hoping to document  the Volkswagen pallet project by collecting pictures and stories that show what people are creating with the free lumber.  For more information or to send photographs of your own Volkswagen Pallet Project  email CreateHere or call (423) 648-2195.

Listen to the story.


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