National Trails Day at the Enterprise South Nature Park


The Enterprise South Nature Park is planned to open in October 2010.  In celebration of National Trails Day, a group of outdoor enthusiasts will be taken into the park to take a hike.  There are several options for the hikers, a wooded 3 mile hike, a 6 mile paved hike, and a choice of two different bicycle trails to enjoy.  This will be the first glimpse of the trail system that is being developed in the new park.

The bicycle trails will offer a paved road experience or an off-road mountain bike trail being developed with SORBA.  The future trail system in the park will include equestrian trails in addition to more extensive foot and bicycle trails.  So far only about 1/3 of the 2800 acre park has been prepared for public use.  The park also offers a peek into the past with bunkers and buildings that were used in the process and storage of materials at the Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant.

Events planned for National Trails Day

Enterprise South Nature Park

SORBA Big South Fork Trail Weekend

Sunset Rock

Cumberland Trail

Cloudland Canyon

Listen to the story. 


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