Theatre Centre’s Summer Academy 2010

Chattanooga Theatre Centre holds the Summer Academy 2010 including a day camp for kids and evening classes for adults.

“All the World’s a Stage,” the Theatre Centre echoes Shakespeare then follows with, “Come find your role.”

The mission of the Chattanooga Theatre Centre, in brief, is to enhance our community through quality theatrical experiences. With our rehearsal halls, construction shops, and workrooms busy with devoted volunteers, our classrooms filled with interested students, and our auditoriums brimming with enthusiastic patrons, it is clear we are well on our way to fulfilling that purpose.

Education Director, Chuck Tuttle has been a presence at the Theatre Centre for over 10 year  and believes that children learn best when they are passionate about what they are learning.     Tuttle also works with a number of teachers in the Chattanooga area on ways to integrate theatre into the classroom.

The Summer Academy will run through August 6th with one and two week sessions for students age 5 to adult.     The classes will focus on how to tell a story using theatre and will approach different age groups with different techniques for telling a story.    For the kindergarteners, the classes are entitled, “One Week, Half-Day, Costumed Character Capers and Storybook Stew.” The early teen students will learn, “Creating Plays, Acting for the Camera, and Acting the Script,” and so on.

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Listen to the Story with Education Director, Chuck Tuttle:


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