The Austin Hatcher Foundation helps families cope with pediatric cancer by providing education, skills training, and assistance. CELLARbration helps provide funds for these efforts and offers a chance for some friendly competition at the same time.  The prize is a collection of wines provided, in part, by the participants. The “wine cellar” prize begins with a donation of wine from Best Brands and the competing teams.

Each team consists of one or two people.  The team will bring three identical bottles of red wine to the event.  Two of the bottles are covered, numbered, and added to the wine tasting.  The third bottle is added to the wine cellar prize.  During the course of the evening the participants will enjoy wine tasting and food.  Toward the end of the evening everyone votes on their favorite and the most popular choice wins the collection of donated wines.

CELLARbration will be Friday, June 25th at the Bald Headed Bistro located at 201 Keith Street in Cleveland Tennessee.  Wine tasting begins at 7:00 pm.  Pre-registration is encouraged but not required.  Call 423-834-4443 for more information.  Details can be found at the Austin Hatcher Foundation website or on Facebook.

Listen to the story.


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