World Record Bio-Diesel Race Car Auctioned to Benefit Austin Hatcher Foundation


Chili Pepper Racing developed the first bio-diesel fueled professional touring race car in Chattanooga several years ago.  The Volkswagen Jetta was stripped down to the frame and built up as a one of a kind alternative fuel race vehicle and then made its debut at Sebring in March 2007 in the SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Series.  Along with setting world records and touring the race circuit, the car has been used to provide diversionary therapy for families facing pediatric cancer.

From its inception, this race car was tied very closely to the Austin Hatcher Foundation and will now perform one final engagement as it goes on the auction block to raise funds for the Foundation.  The Jetta will be auctioned in Orange County California this weekend by Barrett-Jackson and all proceeds will go directly to the Austin Hatcher Foundation.

Listen to the story.


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