Girls Inc. Just Beginning for Chattanooga Woman

A Chattanooga woman has been selected  from women under the age of 30 from across the country by the National Research Council on Women to be one of   25 new leaders to be trained in leadership through funding by A-T & T. The The training is a two year process. Taccora Johnson is the program manager of Elementary Programs for Girls Incorporated of Chattanooga.

Taccora is 27- years old. She grew up in Chattanooga  and attended The Chattanooga High Center for the Creative Arts.  Johnson’s undergraduate degree is in community health education. She received her Master’s of Public Health in health planning and public administration. She recently returned from her first training session that included topics that addressed everything from the exploitation of girls to cultural differences. She said participants will also have the opportunity to meet some of the founders of the NCRW.

Girls Incorporated of Chattanooga is a non-profit organization that supports the needs of all girls by educating them to take risks, to speak their minds, to advocate healthy lifestyle choices, to protect their rights, and to strive for academic excellence. Since 1961, the organization has served almost 22 thousand girls ages 6 to 18.  For more information on Girls Inc. go online to GirlsincofChattanooga. org or call  423-624-4757.

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