Shakespeare Class for the “Elizabethan Impaired”

Janis Hashe offers a 6-week Summer course for the “Elizabethan Impaired” to focus on three of Shakespeare’s plays.     Hashe says that if you, “hated Hamlet and loathed Lear in school, but want to give the Bard another chance, this is the class for you.”     Class runs Tuesday nights from 7-9:30PM starting June 29th and is limited to 10 participants.      For more information call 423-622-2862.

A California native, Hashe moved to Chattanooga in 2005.     She currently writes for The Pulse News and has worked as a free lance journalist along with directing and teaching.    A classically trained actress, Hashe brings talent together to perform various Shakespeare works in Chattanooga.        She has taught Shakespeare classes through adult education programs in universities and in theaters including Chattanooga State and The Theatre Centre.

A big fan of Shakespeare, Hashe reminds us that the “Bard” invented about 1700 words commonly used in the English language today.     Here’s a website listing the words and phrases which he is credited with coining.

Times Free Press published this article by Yolanda Putnam introducing Hashe to the community in 2008.

Read about Hashe’s Othello Project at her website.

Reporting:Monessa Guilfoil

Listen to the Story:


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