4th Annual Chattanooga Dragon Boat Festival


The 4th Annual Chattanooga Dragon Boat Festival will be held at the TVA Chickamauga Reservation July 24th.  In addition to raising funds for T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital, this cultural event will feature a rather unique boat racing opportunity for local teams.  The teams consist of a drummer, someone to steer the boat, and 20 people using paddles to swiftly move the dragon boats along the race course.  This is truly a challenge for the teams to see how well they can work together to synchronize their paddle efforts.

The United States Dragon Boat Federation will debut their National Championships at this event and offer the winning teams a chance to represent the U.S. at the World Championships in 2012.  Dragon Boat Racing is the 8th fastest growing sport in America with several regions scheduling competitions and events all across the country.

Participants in the Chattanooga Dragon Boat Races enter teams that have raised funds for T. C. Thompson’s Children’s Hospital Foundation.  The teams are provided with instruction and a chance to practice before the big event.  There is no cost for spectators to come to the event, cheer on their favorite team, and enjoy the cultural festival on the banks of the Tennessee River.

Local teams will race on Saturday, July 24th.  The national championship races will be held July 23rd through the 25th.

Listen to the story.


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