Honey Harvest at the Creative Discovery Museum


Bees are all a-buzz at the Creative Discovery Museum this weekend.  It is time for the Honey Harvest and the honey bees that live in the roof top of the museum will be the center of attention Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  The green roof on top of the Creative Discovery Museum provides for an improved habitat for the honey bees.  The museum has maintained honey bee hives and an observation hive on the roof for more than a decade.  The Honey Harvest provides an opportunity for museum guests to safely watch experienced beekeepers remove the frames from the beehive and bring them inside to extract the golden honey.

Members of the Tennessee Valley Beekeepers Association will be on hand to demonstrate how to care for honey bees.  They will also be extracting the honey from the museum’s own hives and offer a taste of honey samples from around the world.  There will also be crafts and projects that teach about uses and products derived from the honey bee and hive.

Weather permitting, the beekeepers will be opening the hive at 1:00, 2:00 and 3:00 as well as extracting honey at 12:30 and immediately after opening the hive.    The activities of the Honey Harvest are included with the price of admission to the Creative Discovery Museum.

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