Preserving Engel Stadium


For 80 years Engel Stadium has been Chattanooga’s favorite hometown baseball field.  The field was the home of minor league baseball team  Chattanooga Lookouts until 1999 and has a rich history of exhibition games and community events spanning back before the great depression.  The stadium was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 2009 in celebration of its past but the future was the topic of speculation once the Chattanooga Lookouts moved to their new field.

Hamilton County and the City of Chattanooga are in the process of turning the stadium over to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.  UTC has been developing the surrounding land for a track complex and plans to lease the stadium facilities to a nonprofit organization, the Engel Foundation.  The stadium needs some major repairs but according the Janna Jahn, a member of the Engel Foundation, a recent engineering study of the facility reported the structure to be in good shape for its age.  Most of the repairs are standard maintenance such as plumbing, roof repair and some wiring.  The focus of the foundation is to preserve and reinvigorate the historic stadium.  Plans for the future of the stadium include an inner city baseball league, southern league baseball museum, and community events.

To contact the Engel Foundation call Janna Jahn at 423-314-1378.

Listen to the story.


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