Spay Patrol Targets Problem ZIP Codes


Pet overpopulation affects the entire city of Chattanooga–but if you break it down ZIP Code by ZIP Code, you’ll find that the problem is especially severe in certain ZIP Codes: specifically 37405, 37409 and 37343.

In this interview, we will discover why that is.  We’ll visit Wally’s Friends, a spay and neuter clinic in Red Bank.

In partnership with the Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga, Wally’s Friends has been researching these problem ZIP codes, located in Hixson, St Elmo and North Chattanooga.  Together, Wally’s Friends and the Humane Society won a PetSmart Charities grant, which has allowed them to create an innovative solution to problem areas.  It’s called the Spay Patrol, and it’s groups of volunteers knocking on doors and spreading the word about free and low-cost spay and neuter programs.

Listen to the story.

You can volunteer to be part of the Spay Patrol by e-mailing

or calling Wally’s Friends at 877-9966, or the Humane Educational Society at 624-5302.

From the Wally’s Friends Web site:

Both Wally’s Friends and HES work hard every day to save animals, but have decided that working together we can accomplish more, and do it faster! We have made great strides but now we will push to save animals more than ever!

The vote is in! PetSmart Charities knows the results Wally’s Friends and HES have demonstrated. They have awarded Wally’s Friends a two year grant to target local neighborhoods that have a critical need for low-cost spay/neuter services.

Our goal is simple; we will offer free spay/neuter to qualifying residents to stop unwanted animals from being born and end animal overpopulation in each of the areas below.

The two fantastic veterinarians at Wally’s Friends will spay and neuter up to 65 animals per day! HES and Wally’s Friends staff and volunteers will donate their energy and time to reach these citizens by walking the neighborhoods to spread the word! “SPAY IT AWAY!!”™.

This will be hard work but we are determined to make a greater than ever impact on behalf of the citizens and animals of Hamilton County!

We will target specific zip codes in Chattanooga and Hamilton County that produce the highest numbers of unaltered animals, and therefore the highest number of unwanted animals entering shelters, found as strays, or worse… meet a tragic ending.


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