The Surprising Second Career of Paul Fontana


Fontana's Paintings

Paul Fontana's paintings are on display at the In-Town Gallery's entrance.

If you went to school in Dalton, Georgia, you might remember Paul Fontana.  He was a sixth grade math teacher in Dalton for many years.  In 2000, he retired, and you might be surprised to find out that he’s now re-invented himself as a successful painter.  His new exhibit, called “Horizons,” has opened at the In-Town Gallery in Chattanooga.

In this interview, I ask him how he did it–how he made the switch from the world of equations and chalkboard erasers to the world of easels and paintbrushes.

Listen to the interview.


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5 Responses to “The Surprising Second Career of Paul Fontana”

  1. Teresa Smith Says:

    I think it is AMAZING that you have found something so different from teaching that makes you so happy. Your work is amazing! I am proud to know you, my friend.
    Hugs, Teresa Smith

  2. Caron Peavy Says:

    Congrats!! Looking good!! I knew you when~~~~

  3. Mary Beth Pool Says:

    Congrats, Paul!!! So excited for you!!

  4. Nina (Fontana) Leonard Says:

    Love your art !!! Paul are you related to the Fontana’s in LA? We have a Paul Fontana in our family. My father was from a large Italian family that lived in Donldsonville, LA. Many moved to New Orleans, Slidell, Bouglalousa. I live in Huntsville, AL and hope to drive to see your work one day.

    Thank’s for sharing,


    • Paul Fontana Says:

      `I just saw this, Nina. Thank you. My father was born in NYC and his parents were from Sicily. I doubt my grandparents ever heard of Donaldsonville. I do shows around the southeast, so it’s quite possible we might meet up.

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