Adopt a Face


Craniofacial deformities impact one out of every 600 births in America. These deformities are often not life threatening but can be difficult to live with. FACES is a nonprofit organization that assists families with support and transportation costs for the medical procedures that will change a child’s life.

Encouraging donors to Adopt a Face for a specific child helps FACES provide services.  Donors will choose a child to support and often communicates with the family as they work with medical experts to repair the craniofacial deformity.  The children often face multiple surgeries spanning years of their lives.  Donors are asked to support a child for three years if possible.

You can volunteer to work with FACES or Adopt a Face by calling 1-800-332-2373 or 423-266-1632.

Listen to the story.


One Response to “Adopt a Face”

  1. Stephanie R. Hodges Says:

    Dear Rabbit,

    Thank you for the great story! Thank you for taking the time to help FACES raise awareness for not only those with a craniofacial syndrome, but also the FACES’ Adopt A Face sponsorship opportunity.

    Stephanie R. Hodges, FACES
    Program Director

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