Susan Gregg Gilmore Disccusses Inspiration, and an Improper Life


Have you ever wondered where writers get their ideas?  Some famous authors say they’re inspired by dreams.  Others say they eavesdrop on conversations, and steal dialogue.  Susan Gregg Gilmore writes Southern literature, and today, she’s going to talk to us about her inspiration.  If Gilmore’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because her debut novel, Looking For Salvation at the Dairy Queen, was a best-seller and a book club favorite.

On August 17th, Gilmore’s new novel was released.  It’s a work of Southern literature, a story about forbidden love, civil rights, and Nashville high society.  It’s called… The Improper Life of Bezellia Grove. The inspiration for it came from a couple of unusual sources… one was something Gilmore saw in a basement, and the other was a guest at a dinner party.

If you’d like to meet Gilmore in person, she’s having a book signing at the River Gallery on Thursday, August 19th at 5 p.m.

Listen to the story.

Hear Gilmore read an excerpt of her novel.


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