“Romeo and Juliet” Debuts with Dance at Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

Founding Partner of ETC and Director of this production, Garry Posey has edited the script for “Romeo and Juliet” to focus on the love between the ingenues almost exclusively.     He crosses genres to fill out the love story “beyond words” by integrating choreography by Ann Law and the work of two dancers, Cornelius Heard and Monica Coates.      Posey is not the first to introduce the possibility of a happy ending for the ‘star-crossed’ lovers nor is he the first to utilize dance.      In 1935, Prokofiev introduced one of America’s “best loved” Ballets based on “Romeo and Juliet” into the “mainstream repertoire,” according to Music OMH’s theater review.      Here’s an excerpt from the article:

And although the idea of letting the lovers live seems to owe more to Prokofiev’s fervent Christian Science beliefs than dramatic rationale, the beautiful coda in which Romeo and Juliet dance enrapt, alone beneath the stars, suggests that they are in a different world anyway.

Posey has cast four actors to bring his vision of Shakespeare’s play to life and uses the music of Tori Amos to highlight the dance of love between the young pair.     The cast for ETC’s production includes Trace Cline, Amber Hall, Daniel Pound and Mattie Waters with costumes by Brenda Schwab.

Garry Posey is also a  faculty member of Chattanooga State’s Theater Program:

Garry Posey (Production / Acting / Resident Director) teaches production and acting. In addition to teaching, Garry is the Production Coordinator for the Professional Actor Training Program and Producing Director for the Chattanooga State Summer Theatre Festival. He is also the Founder and Producing Artistic Director for Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga. Garry’s work has been recognized and honored by SETC (Leighton Ballew Award) and Allied Arts of Chattanooga (Arts Move grant). Garry has worked professionally as a director, costume designer, set designer, playwright, actor, stage manager, teacher and wardrobe supervisor at theatres in NY, NC, MA, DC, VA, OK, GA, FL, MS, AL, and TN. He is a graduate of Catawba College (BA) and the University of Mississippi (MFA).

"Romeo and Juliet"-1960

The above photo was taken of the Old Vic Theatre Production of “Romeo and Juliet” with Judy Dench and John Stride.

Listen to the Story:


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