Get Brewing for the Oktoberfest Homebrew Competition


The Barley Mob Brewers have been helping home brew enthusiasts share their tricks and their beer since 2002.  The organization provides instruction in brewing and often gets together socially to share the fruits of their labor.  Coming up in October, the Barley Mob Brewers will be hosting a competition at the Chattanooga Market.  The Oktoberfest Homebrew Competition will be judged according to 2008 Beer Judge Certification Program standards.  If you aren’t sure what those are, you can sign up for a program to learn to be a beer judge through the Barley Mob Brewers as well.

If you have a homebrew that you feel is potentially award winning, be sure to sign up for the competition.  You can drop off your entries at Riverside Beverage Company or ship them directly to the Barley Mob Brewers of Chattanooga.

Listen to the story. 


One Response to “Get Brewing for the Oktoberfest Homebrew Competition”

  1. Tony Giannasi Says:

    Thanks Rabbit!

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