Advances In Pediatric Oncology Saves Lives


childThere was a time when a child diagnosed with leukemia probably had less than 6 months to live. Advances in diagnostic and treatment protocols have drastically changed those outcomes and now more than 90% of pediatric leukemia patients can be cured, 95% for some types of cancer.  Part of the success of these programs stems from maintaining a more aggressive treatment program for much longer periods of time than in the past.  Enhanced diagnostic equipment allows the oncology team to identify the specific type of cancer and refine the protocols for each individual. With the help of donations, T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital Foundation has installed medical diagnostic equipment designed for children and developed a child friendly atmosphere to alleviate some of the trepidation pediatric cancer patients face during years of cancer treatments.

In addition to the advances in technology and improved chemical protocols, today’s pediatric cancer patient will be treated by a multidisciplinary team that addresses the needs of the entire family along with the doctors and nurses that typically worked with the children in the past.  Child life specialists, social workers and research experts in the Children’s Oncology Group augment the medical staff  to accomplish the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

You can support these efforts locally by attending Taste of Hamilton Place on Sunday, September 12th at Hamilton Place Mall from 7 to 9 pm. This fundraiser benefits T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital at Erlanger.

Listen to the story.


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