Stump Jump 2010


The Rock/Creek Trail Series Stump Jump 50K and 11 mile trail races will be held on October 2nd.  This is the 9th year for this woodland race and the event has grown considerably over the years.  For the first time the race organizers, Wild Trails, have decided to set a cut off date for registration with a cap of 800 race participants.  Both races begin and end at the Signal Mountain High School.  The 11 mile race will welcome 300 racers with a course heading out to Edwards Point.  The 50K race will be limited to  500 participants.

All proceeds from the Stump Jump will benefit Wild Trails, a local nonprofit that supports the expansion and use of local trail systems.  Part of the mission of Wild Trails includes preservation of our natural resources and promoting the development of sustainable trails.  Promoting the use of these trails for recreation and the improved health of our citizens is accomplished through a series of events, including the Stump Jump.

As part of the River Rocks festivities, the vendor fair, Stump Jump packet pickup and Carbo Dinner for the 50K participants has moved to Coolidge Park on the north shore of the Tennessee River.  The guest speaker for the dinner is Jen Pharr Davis, professional hiker and current holder of the Women’s Appalachian Trail Record.

Listen to the story.


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