The Art of Glass

"Coccoon," a glass sculpture by Chris Mosey

Exactly how is glass art made?  How complex is the process, and can anyone learn to do it?  I talked to Chris Mosey, the owner of Ignis Glass Studio.  He said he actually has a workshop coming up for beginners.  Mosey also said something surprising.  Although most glass art is smooth, or shiny, or pretty, it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, Mosey prefers rough textures.

Some of his pieces look like rocks, or shells.  One piece, called “cocoon,” looks like an amber-colored sea creature.  It has black tentacles and a black tail.  The cocoon-shaped body is split open along the middle, revealing a seashell-pink interior.

Listen to the interview.

The Living Glass Workshops are from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sept. 18th and 25th.   From the Hunter Museum Web site:

A Living Glass Art Experience – blow your own glass

Learn to blow your own glass at Ignis Gallery. After watching Chris Mosey create glass, you’ll have a chance to make your own. Open to adults and children over 12, meet at Ignis $40 aquarium and Hunter members, $45 non members. Register at or call 267-fish.


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