Creating Sustainable Energy and Green Infrastructure by David Crockett

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

A website published by the U.S. Department of Energy  calls the Office of Sustainability’s new Director, David Crockett, “Chattanooga’s Green Frontiersman.”     And in Crockett’s own words, “The issue of sustainability has become our central strategy for everything.”     Here’s what the Department of Energy reports are Chattanooga’s “Sustainability Steps”-

The major initiatives of the Office of Sustainability include establishing an energy office to audit and retrofit city buildings.

The office plans to establish an advanced support center with software to support analysis of water, gas and electricity use for the entire county’s residential, business, government and non-profit facilities.

The office is also assessing storm water management, and the correlation between water and energy management.

“These are permanent things that will get immediate savings,” Crockett says. “In the future, we’ll rely on these savings to help fund our office.”

Another major project that Crockett will work on is the “No Roof Left Unused” initiative, which encourages companies to install green roofs, solar systems or micro wind turbines on rooftops.

Crockett has worked all over the country and around the world with CitiStates and other organizations.

But, for Crockett, there’s nothing like working in Chattanooga.

The above picture comes from an article entitled, “Wind Power from New Jersey Highways.” Crockett has a company in mind to bring micro wind turbines to highways around Chattanooga bringing more renewable energy on to the grid.

David Crockett

He sees a future where every home and business powers it’s own energy needs through miniaturized and easily distributed solar and wind generators connected through Smart Grid technology like that which the Electric Power Board is the first in the entire country and second to only Hong Kong to provide.

And The Office of Sustainability hopes in the next 20 years to re-pave streets and alleys in the Scenic City with porous concrete and plant trees and vegetation to replenish oxygen and shade pedestrians and bicyclists while recycling storm water back into nature which can easily contain it.       This new green infrastructure would save tons of energy that is now used to pump storm water to Moccasin Bend Sewage Treatment Plant through large and well-worn  underground infrastructure.

Crockett will be speaking at the Sierra Club on September 27th at Green Spaces.    Read the write up on this upcoming event at Chattanooga has fun.

Listen to the Story with Chattanooga’s Sustainability Director:


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One Response to “Creating Sustainable Energy and Green Infrastructure by David Crockett”

  1. Sharon Strock Says:

    So I guess stormwater has a lot of good uses, huh. These provide solutions to the water shortage problems and provide alternate water sources for irrigation. Do you notice people using the potable water sources for irrigation? There are irrigation systems that do things like that. If stormwater would be treated and reused, then the potable water source wouldn’t go scarce fast.

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