The Minds Behind Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern


Haunted CavernThe Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern provides annual fun for the Halloween season. The men behind the haunt have been developing the story line, sets and props that convert Ruby Falls into one of the most visited haunts in the area.   Todd Patton and Tim Green have been building haunts for years and this is the 5th year their work can be enjoyed at Ruby Falls.

The haunt at Ruby Falls has some unique challenges for the developers.  The cave cannot be altered and sets are designed to work with the existing cave elements.  The humidity presents its own problems for equipment and props.  The location of the haunt is inside the cave 260 feet  down an elevator shaft.  Beware of Sliders in the parking area and outside of the buildings.  Once you arrive there is no turning back until you complete the entire experience.  The haunt creators pointed out – no one can hear your screams.

Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern opens Saturday, September 25th and is open Friday and Saturday nights through October 31.  The Haunted Caverns are also open on Thursday night, October 21st and 28th.  Tickets are available at Ruby Falls or receive a discount by ordering advance tickets online.

Listen to the story.


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