Raising the Bar in Tennessee Schools

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

The State of Tennessee Department of Education has launched a campaign  to raise the standards of education for Tennessee students.   Expect More Achieve More is a campaign to promote improved performance in schools so that students are better prepared for college, the workforce, and the future.

The Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program, TCAP, tests students in grade 3 through 8 all across the state to assess individual achievement toward curriculum goals.  This test instrument was developed specifically for the state of Tennessee.  Comparison of student performance on national tests with the TCAP has shown a disparity in standards.  A child may score very well on the Tennessee test and perform poorly on a similar national test.  This difference contributed to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce giving Tennessee an “F” for a lack of high standards in the classroom in 2007.  The TCAP test has been changed to reflect increased standards and curriculum performance expectations. Raising the benchmarks will initially result in lower scores.  The intent of these changes is to improve student outcomes and bring the Tennessee standards in line with National norms.

The TCAP exams given last spring included the higher standards in curriculum and performance expectations that have been designed to improve student performance across the state of Tennessee. Increasing the standards equates to harder tests and it is anticipated that student scores will be lower than previous years.   Raising the bar with higher academic standards will better prepare our children to compete in an increasingly global market.

In Hamilton County, parents are encouraged to pay close attention to their child’s TCAP scores and contact the school with questions or concerns.

Listen to the story.


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