Record Enrollment at UTC

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

For three straight years the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has enjoyed record enrollment for the fall semester.  Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Phil Oldham says the increase in enrollment is right on track with University goals.  Larger freshmen classes have been a part of the increase, but the University is also welcoming record levels of enrollment in Graduate programs as well.

Keeping the freshmen students engaged in their learning is paramount to retention and student success.  The University has several programs in place to assist with freshmen success.  In addition to seminars and courses designed to develop a learning community, freshmen students are also monitored for class attendance.  Class attendance is an important influence on semester grades and keeping the newest college students engaged in the classroom will not only improve the grade, it might also help keep them on track to degree completion.

There has also been an increase in transfer students.  Students from state community colleges are able to transfer credits for general education courses and if they qualify, enroll into a four year degree program as a Junior.  There is also a dual enrollment program that allows students in community college to use facilities on the UTC campus and benefit from academic advisement services to keep them on track with their four year degree when they are ready to transfer to UTC.

Listen to the story.


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