Severe Weather Awareness Day

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

September 29th is Fall Severe Weather Awareness Day in the Tennessee Valley. The National Weather Service has designated this date to remind citizens of the potentially dangerous storm systems that can occur in the region.

tornadoIn the event of a severe storm or tornado warning you should go immediately to a safe location.  According the Tim Troutman from the National Weather Service, the safest place in your home is in the basement or lowest level of the house, preferably in an area with four stout walls and no windows.  Take your cell phone and weather radio with you.  Be sure to keep your shoes on in case you need to walk through broken glass or debris after the storm.  If you have a helmet wear it in case of flying debris.

Know your local geography so that you are prepared to react to  storm watches and warnings in surrounding counties.  Severe storms often travel from the south west toward the north east.  Be sure to remain in your safe location until you are sure the storm has passed.

The National Weather Service encourages you to be prepared.  Have a plan in place for your family at home, school, and work and practice this plan with everyone involved.  The following tips are taken from the National Weather Service Preparedness Guide Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Lightning… Natures Most Violent Storms.

  • Know the risk for your area.
  • Have a NOAA Weather Radio with back up batteries.
  • Discuss weather safety with everyone in your family.
  • Bookmark your local National Weather Service office on the internet.
  • Conditions can change rapidly in a storm.  Heed warnings and respond.
  • Tune in to local radio or television weather information source for storm watch and warning information.
  • Check on people who are elderly, very young, or disabled.
  • Prepare a safe room in your home.

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