“Awake and Engage” opens 3rd Documentary Series with Double Feature at UTC



"King Corn" Co-Producers


When: Tuesday, October 19th at 5:30 p.m.
Where: UC Auditorium
Admission: Free
Film to be screened: “King Corn” and “Big River” (A King Corn Companion)
Topic: The ecological consequences of industrial agriculture
Film Website: www.kingcorn.net
Host/Discussion Leader: M. Jaynes
Shown in conjunction with: The Third Annual Jaynes-Najberg Awake and Engage(d) Documentary Film Series

“Awake and Engage(d)” Founder, Mike Jaynes writes about this Film Series:

AWAE, a monthly colloquium, will screen socially conscious documentary films with the aim of fostering a renewed interest in some of the most pressing issues confronting the graduates of our university in the future. As mainstream media too often ignores the voices of “others” on the periphery and quashes the message of the marginalized, AWAE provides a forum for documentarian narratives that interrogate the status quo and offer alternative perspectives that encourage sustainability, preservation and participation. The films chosen for this series place an emphasis on the civic responsibility of individuals by demonstrating some of the dangers facing the environment, animals, economies and civil rights in the not-so-distant globalized future. So, this year, please join us at AWAE to discover the work of documentarians advocating social and ecological justice in the modern world.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga recognized the work of Professor Jaynes in 2008 for his work on this film series among other achievements.

Mike Jaynes, English, continues building a national reputation in the animal rights and advocacy field. Already an internationally published animal advocacy writer, he continues to contribute to the humanities as well with the following twelve essays, interview, and four speaking appearances placing publications in national outlets such as ABCNews.com, National Public Radio, The Washington Post, and Dissident Voice

ATSUSHI FUNAHASHI directed “Big River” and he says about this film:

Big River is a metaphor of America. As tiny currents gather together to become the Rio Grande, people feed into America from all over the world. The title also reflects my aspiration to make a profound but simple film as the cannon of Western films used to do.



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