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“Falling Leaves Rendezvous” at Cherokee Farms

October 4, 2010

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

The above photo was taken at the Rivercane Rendezvous, Cherokee Farms Spring Gathering and posted at the website of Aaron Wolf, and Wolf tells of his experience at this Earth-Skills Training:

The 25th Rivercane anniversary attracted about 250 participants making this years gathering the largest in the the organizations history. Darry Wood described the first ever Rivercane gathering as “5 guys standing around a dead deer” (for more history see the Earthskills website).

Here’s a bit more detail about the Earth Skills Rendezvous:

Our program focus is daily top quality instruction in dozens of ancestral and heritage primitive skills such as matchless fire making, edible and medicinal plants, stone tool creation and use, ancient weaponry and basket making, just to name a few. Since 1985 our camps have been a place where new friendships are forged, old friendships refined, and the empowering knowledge of pioneer, survival, native and traditional primitive skills is shared. Past participants have become proficient in skills that have helped them redefine life goals and directions as well as broaden their knowledge of sustainable life ways, connection to nature, and the power of community. After a full day of hands on instruction, evening programs give you the opportunity to join in the revival of the great oral tradition of storytelling around the council fire, or the option to pull up a chair in any of the many camps where homegrown and traditional Appalachian music is played, or the opportunity to answer the call of the drum and dance around the fire under a star filled sky. Striving for cooperation, generosity of spirit, tolerance and harmonious relationships, we welcome the skills, art, music and culture of all human ethnicities.


October 5-10 Cherokee Farms hosts it’s yearly Fall Rendezvous.     For registration go here.


Fall is in the Air and Pledge Time for WUTC

October 3, 2010

Become a Member of WUTC today.    Pledge online to support Public Radio in Chattanooga.

Pilates For Pink Sunday At Barking Legs

October 1, 2010

Pilates In Motion has partnered with Shape Magazine to bring Pilates for Pink to Chattanooga.  Barking Legs Theatre on Dodd’s Avenue, Chattanooga will host mat classes on Sunday, October 3 from 1:00PM until 5:00PM, Pilates In Motion will raise funds to benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Participants will be asked to bring a minimum donation of $10 for the Pilates for Pink event.

Pilates in Motion founder, Ann Law, is a breast cancer survivor who is certified in the Pink Ribbon Program, a post-operative workout for enhancing recovery based on Joseph Pilates’ work.

Shape Magazine hosts Pilates for Pink annually held in Union Square Park, New York City.

To RSVP or for more information call Lauren at 423-624-7462.

Going Back In Time With The SCA

October 1, 2010


The Society For Creative Anachronism re-creates what life was like in pre-17th century Europe.  They have food, clothing, combat and more from the era of knights, lords and ladies.  The organization has chapters all over the world, including right here in Chattanooga.

Recently, I spoke with some other members of Chattanooga’s SCA chapter, which is called the Great Shire of Vulpine Reach.  They’ve got a party and tournament coming up on October 3rd at the Amnicola Park Riverwalk.  This shire birthday party will have tournaments and activities for all ages, and the public is welcome.  We’re going to talk about that.  But first– a little more about what the local SCA chapter does, and why they do it.