Dracula: Myths, Truths, Inspiration



Undead, undead, undead, undead.

Halloween was this past Sunday.  In honor of the spooky season, a horror writer recently visited Chattanooga and talked about Dracula, vampires and horror literature.  His name is Dacre Stoker, and he has a bit of a family history with the undead–as his last name suggests, he’s related to Bram Stoker, who created Dracula.

If you’re a fan, you may know that Bram Stoker used some real-life inspiration when he created Count Dracula… but how much of it was really fiction, and how much was fact?

Today, Dacre Stoker joins us to discuss the myths and the truth behind the world’s most famous vampire.

Listen to the story.


From Dacre’s Web site:

“Dacre Stoker, a Canadian citizen and resident of the U.S., is the great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker. He is also the godson of H.G. Dacre Stoker, the commander of the AE2 submarine, whose tactics were instrumental in Gallipoli in Word War I.

Dacre, who now calls Aiken, South Carolina home, was a member of the Canadian Men’s Modern Pentathlon Team, Senior World Championships in 1979 and coach of the Canadian Men’s Modern Pentathlon Olympic Team, Seoul, South Korea in 1988. Dacre is married to Jenne Stoker and is the father of two children. He is the Executive Director of the Aiken Land Conservancy.

Dracula: The Un-Dead is Dacre’s first novel.”

Read about Dacre Stoker’s book, Dracula: The Undead, a sequel to the original, written with Ian Holt.




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  1. Hector Macdonald Says:

    You might like Book Drum’s illustrated profile of Dracula, which incorporates maps, music, video, pictures and background information to bring the book alive for modern readers:

    Dracula on Book Drum

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