Delta Queen Fans Face Uncertain Future

The Delta Queen: America's Last Overnight Steamboat


The Delta Queen is a new part of our city, but some people have loved it for decades.  Some fans travel hundreds of miles just to stay on the Delta Queen Steamboat.

It’s amazing, talking to this small but devoted group of fans, and hearing about their history with the boat.  I went there last week, and I was surprised at how far some people had traveled for a Delta Queen rally.


Listen to the story:


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2 Responses to “Delta Queen Fans Face Uncertain Future”

  1. Pete OConnell Says:

    FRNS with a smile and a grin!

  2. David Dewey Says:

    I am one of those folks that says, “I’m home!” when I walk aboard the Delta Queen. The first time I stepped aboard, that’s how I felt. I’m from California–and I would have been there for the rally,if I could have been. I grew up in a mountain railroad town, but have always been interested in Steamboats–maybe because of Mark Twain’s stories–and I participated in the first “Save the Delta Queen” campaign back in the late ’60s. I didn’t get a chance to ride her until ‘2007, but have been on 4 trips now. Yes we FRN’s are family–it was so great to hear Barb, Pat & Travis’ voices–we miss you guys! Too bad you didn’t have a recording of Travis or Barb playing the Calliope (that’s something else we do while Steamboatin’)
    The Delta Queen IS America, and she deserves to be preserved and RUN. I still cannot believe that after all those years of non-partisan support for her exemption that one twisted-minded person could prevent her exemption from reaching the floor of the house, but Mr. Oberstar did–and now he’s out of office!
    Help us bring back steamboatin’ to America—and bring back over 200 jobs on the river, as well as all the economic boost she brings to the towns where she stops and lets the passengers roam around. Write your Representatives, support the DQ Preservation Society!
    Thank you, Micheal for the nice coverage. She’s the Queen of the American Rivers and deserves the honor.
    David Dewey

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