The Gist

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

So many young people dream of being professional musicians.  They want to be in a band, touring across the country sharing their music with the world.  Few actually get to follow that dream beyond high school and as they settle into the very adult life of paying bills, holding jobs and raising families, those dreams fade away.  The Gist is a new band in Chattanooga featuring musicians that were not ready to put aside that dream and have taken their jam sessions to the next level with their first feature gigs in Chattanooga.

The Gist plays a blend of  rhythm, soul, funk and rock that is originals and easy to move with.  All of these guys are over the age of 30 and they simply will not back down from following that star.  The songs are written by band members who are still working their day jobs but hope to build an audience and keep playing to their dreams.

You can find the Gist on My Space and facebook.  They will be performing at Rhythm and Brews on November 17th and at Barking Legs Theater on December 10th.


Listen to the story.


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