Waterworks, Autumn and Floating Leaves at Planet Altered


A new art exhibit has opened on Chattanooga’s Southside.  It’s called “Waterworks: Autumn 2010,” a collection of acrylic paintings at the Planet Altered gallery, in the Main Street Arts District.

Today, I’m going to visit the gallery and talk to Cynthia Wilson, the artist.  She’s known for watercolors, as well as acrylics, and she prefers to paint nature scenes and “floating leaves.”

"Waterworks," a painting by Cynthia Wilson, shows her theme of floating leaves.

Listen to the story.

Foggy Morning by Cynthia Wilson

From her Web site:

“I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be an artist, and was fortunate to have gone to schools where drawing, design and craftmanship were emphasized. After I graduated from college, I worked as a graphic designer for many years before deciding to paint professionally. Since that time, I have disciplined myself to go into the studio and spend the hours so that my creative time has the structure I need to be productive.

Although I paint from nature, there is a certain point when the painting becomes something other than a representation of what I see. I use certain themes that are not only visual, but are also metaphors for life as I expereince it. The theme of floating leaves, for example, has been part of my work for at least twenty years and is about change and transcendence. We are part of nature and it will continue without us, but something of our lives will be present even when our phusical selves are gone.

The actual process of painting for me is tied more to viewpoint and inner vision than to technique. I have to develop a sense of oneness with my subject that comes from being still, listening and observing. Once I have an idea and begin to paint, the work takes on a life of it’s own. It reflects my emotions, my observations, and my experience as an artist. The colors I use are borrowed from the subjects I paint but are translated into impressions and explorations of light. Some days the light is subdued and the shadows soft, while on others, the sunlight dancing on the leaves is clear, crisp and glowing. Often, there is a sense of urgency in my work and I want to capture every moment because am concerned about what we are doing to the world. Will there be anything of beauty left to record after we have carved our path of destruction, or will it only be memory. I paint what I love, and hopefully these paintings will remind others to respect and care for the environment and to observe each unique moment.”


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2 Responses to “Waterworks, Autumn and Floating Leaves at Planet Altered”

  1. Jean Huddleston Says:

    Simply beautiful interpretations of nature. Sitting in the gallery surrounded by these images I am transported to to a peaceful place.

  2. Cynthia L. Wilson Says:

    Thank you for editing the conversation so well! I appreciate your taking the time to do this interview, and am glad I didn’t sound like a complete
    incoherent scaredy cat!

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