Creating the Magic at Rock’s City’s Enchanted Garden of Lights

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

Each year Rock City transforms their mountain top garden into a magical holiday place with the Enchanted Garden of Lights.  The North Pole Adventure features thousands of lights and animated elements.  Many of these decorations are created in a workshop in the woods behind Rock City.

Creative Designer Matthew Dutton uses just about anything he can find to create some of the elements for the North Pole Adventure.  His workshop is filled with old decorations and pieces of new displays just about any day of the year.  With new designs being incorporated every year into the Enchanted Garden of Lights, Matthew is always focusing on winter holidays.  Looking at the spire of ice that will flank a sleeping polar bear, you would never guess that it was made from discarded packing materials that would have gone to the landfill in the past.  Matthew and his team will be working almost non stop until opening day to ensure all the elements come together and every light shines bright for the Enchanted Garden of Lights at Rock City.

Each festival at Rock City partners with a local nonprofit organization or agency.  A portion of every ticket purchased for the Enchanted Garden of Lights will support the Ronald McDonald House Charities in Chattanooga.

The Enchanted Garden of Lights will be open at Rock City 6 – 9 pm from November 19th through January 1st, including Christmas night.  They will be closed on Christmas Eve.

Listen to the story.

Music:  Evergreen/Mandolin Music for Christmas, 1990 Cactus Records



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