Historic Tennessee

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

Robin Hood is a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer and a history buff with a strong interest in preservation.  Perhaps that is why his newest book, Historic Tennessee does such a fine job of traveling through time as well as all across the State of Tennessee.    Robin Hood is perhaps best known for some of his work featuring every day scenes of Americana.  He has captured some of the most common daily activities with stunning clarity, bringing charm and beauty into a scene that might otherwise be overlooked.   It is as if a Norman Rockwell painting has come to life.

In Historic Tennessee, Hood has traveled the state with an assignment to photograph 50 sites of historic significance to be included in this oversized book along with text by James A. Crutchfield.  Each chapter takes you back to the past and explains the significance of the building, location, or events that not only wove the tapestry of Tennessee’s past, but that of our Nation.  Beautiful landscapes, vibrant colors, and striking use of light brings these historic locations to life.

This book was published for the Tennessee Preservation Trust and serves as a breathtaking reminder of just how much of our past has been preserved for now and also for future generations.   According to Hood, none of these preservation efforts were accidental.  Each time a historic location, building or landmark is preserved it is because of efforts by people in the community that worked to save something they felt was an important part of their lives.

The Tennessee Preservation Trust will be joining Cornerstones, Chattanooga’s own preservation organization, for a book signing and celebration of Historic Tennessee.  This fund-raising event will take place at the Tivoli Theater on Monday, November 22 from 5:30 to 7:30.  Some of the photographs from this collection are currently on display at Chattanooga State through November 23rd.  For more information call Cornerstones at 423-265-2825.

Listen to the story.


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