“Green Health” Panel Discussion Presented by Sierra Club

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

The following comes from the “Green, Environmental Medicine” press release:


Cherokee Group



invites you to our presentation of:


at our
Monday, November 29, 7 pm
at Green|Spaces, 63 E. Main Street, Chattanooga TN 37408

Our November Sierra Club meeting provides a Panel of some of our area’s best “Green Health” and Environmental Medicine Practitioners, including:

Dr. Charles Adams MD, Environmental Physician of Full Circle Medical;

June Drennon, CCT (Certified Colon Therapist), Thermographist and Detox Specialist
of Stillpoint Health Associates;

Faye Henry, Energy Medicine Specialist of Touchstone Vibrations;

Jeff Ransom, of Educate Before You Vaccinate; and 

Jeff Hall DC, Environemental/Detox Chiropractor of Chattanooga Natural Medicine Center.

Jenny McCarthy has led a campaign over the past three years to GREEN OUR VACCINES, asking that toxic ingredients (aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, latex, MSG, phenol, coal tar, and other carcinogens) not be included in vaccines for infants. Too much to ask?  It hasn’t happened yet with today’s children being given an unbelievable 60 vaccines by age 6.  Less vaccines with safer ingredients: GREEN MEDICINE.

Sierra Club members and most people who care about the environment, acknowledge the massive levels of toxins being dumped on our planet. With ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE, practitioners make the connection between a Toxic planet, Toxic people, Nutritional Deficiencies from depleted soils, pesticides, GMO’s and factory farming practices and seek to DETOX the body and provide full NUTRITIONAL support.
In a massively toxic world, with terribly unhealthy food, Green Healthcare goes an additional  step and says detoxification and nutrition are at the forefront of healthcare: GREEN/ENVIRONMENTAL MEDICINE!

And please BID in our Cherokee Sierra “Green Medicine” Silent Auction thru Nov. 29
We have amazing green/holistic items: massage; ion foot cleanse; chiropractic; acupuncture;
EFT; trigger point therapy; spring forest qi gong full body healing; hydrotherapy fomentations; meditation workshop, yoga classes; hypnotherapy; 3-month Curves membership, and more!!!

( Email TamiFreedman@aol.com for more Silent Auction or Meeting info! )

Listen to the Story:


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