Colin Beavan Explains Why He Became No-Impact Man


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Colin Beavan, a New York writer, is known as No-Impact Man.  He earned that nickname because he and his family spent a year trying to make no negative environmental impact of any kind.  He says the average American creates 16,000 pounds of trash a year–with that in mind, he tried to reduce his trash output to nothing.  To keep his garbage can empty, he cut back on shopping, he quit buying pre-packaged food, and he even quit buying–and quit using–toilet paper.

It’s been three years since he did all that.  How much did his experiment help the environment?   It’s controversial. Some people say he did it more as a publicity stunt than to save the earth.  Today, we ask Beavan about his motivations for doing the experiment, and we find out how much it’s really helping the earth.


Listen to the story.



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