Discussion of “Testing Teachers”

Testing Teachers is a radio documentary on education reform that was produced by American RadioWorks.  Part of the focus of this documentary by Emily Hanford featured reforms instituted in the Hamilton County Department of Education to improve some of the lowest scoring urban schools in the system.  These reforms were a collaborative effort of the Benwood Foundation, the Public Education Foundation, and the Hamilton County Department of EducationThe Benwood Initiative invested more than $15 million in professional development and reform efforts in selected urban elementary schools.

On November 21, 2010 WUTC hosted a special airing of the documentary Testing Teachers followed by a one hour special round table discussion hosted by Rabbit.  The guests included:

Corinne Allen – Executive Director, Benwood Foundation

Susan Swanson, Director of the Benwood Initiative, Hamilton  County Department of Education

Frances Haman Prewitt – Director of Communications, Public Education Foundation

Emily Baker –Principal, East Side Elementary School

Penny King – Teacher, Woodmore Elementary School

Joe Curtis – Teacher, Hardy Elementary School

Dr. Jim Scales, Superintendent, Hamilton County Department of Education

Linda Mosley – Hamilton County School Board

Complete transcripts and podcast of the American RadioWorks documentary Testing Teachers is available at americanradioworks.publicradio.org.

Listen to the discussion that followed the documentary. 


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