“Times Square Angel” On-Stage for Circle Series at Chattanooga Theatre Centre

Reporting: Monessa Guilfoil

The Theatre Centre Circle Series continues this Holiday Season by offering a play for adults written and originally performed by Charles Busch and company in 1987.       The following comes from CTC’s Press Release:

Charles Busch’s campy melodramedy is a satire of the Hollywood fantasy films of the 1940s such as It’s A Wonderful Life and The Bishop’s Wife with a bit of A Christmas Carol thrown in there, from the playwright who gave us Psycho Beach Party. An alternative adult holiday entertainment. It’s the story of Irish O’Flanagan, a street urchin who has her dreams dashed by cruel fate, grows into a big burlesque star, and chooses financial security over true love, closing off her heart until the fateful Christmas Eve when she gets one last chance to make things right. Like a steaming lilac-scented bubble bath or an embarrassingly large molten chocolate dessert, the best way to enjoy Times Square Angel is to sit back, turn off the plot-following part of your brain, and just let the sweet, sweet cheesiness flow over you. Suddenly you’ll realize that Irish O’Flanagan and her chorus boy are singing a medley of Christmas carols in which they impugn each other’s age, appearance, talent, and virtue, exactly like a couple of Ann Miller and Debbie Reynolds impersonators on a sketch comedy show. And it won’t be a bad holiday after all.

I read in Theatre Mania that Charles Busch plans to perform a staged-reading of his play as part of a Twelfth Annual event in New York.     He will once again dawn the role of Irish O’Flanagan, the “tough-as-nails nightclub chanteuse in 1940’s Manhatten who makes Scrooge look like a sentimental sap,” according to Dan Bacalzo who did the write up.

Busch has a website at CharlesBusch.com with what may be the original play poster for “Times Square Angel” shown below.      Here’s some more facts related on his website:

Times Square Angel was first performed at the Limbo Lounge in December, 1984.
It was performed Off-Broadway at the Provincetown Playhouse, November 1985.

Listen to the Story:


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