In “Talismans,” A Young American Woman Seeks The Father Who Abandoned Her


Sybil Baker’s collection of linked short stories is called Talismans.  It’s coming out December 7th, and it’s been described as a contemporary Heart of Darkness.  The protagonist, a young American woman named Elise, travels through Southeast Asia.  She goes through Vietnam, through places where her father was stationed during the war.  She never knew him, and she’s over there trying to find–trying to feelsome kind of connection to him.

Baker will have a book signing at Winder Binder Gallery & Book Store, on December 7th at 7 p-m.  You can find more information on her blog.

Listen to an interview with Sybil Baker.

Listen to Baker reading an excerpt.

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One Response to “In “Talismans,” A Young American Woman Seeks The Father Who Abandoned Her”

  1. Sybil Baker Says:

    Thanks for the interview!

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