Chattanooga From A to Z

Reporting:  Rabbit Zielke

The T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital Foundation is celebrating 25 years of service to the community with the release of a new alphabet book.  Chattanooga From A to Z features original art created by former and current patients at T. C. Thompson Children’s Hospital. The alphabet features places and things all around the Chattanooga area that are special to the children helping to create the book.  Proceeds from the sale of Chattanooga From A to Z will support programs at the children’s hospital.

The text of Chattanooga From A to Z is written by the Purple Lady and Friends.  Inspired by the landmarks and special events in Chattanooga’s history, the alphabet is informative, poetic and whimsical at times.  Each page of the alphabet book is rich with vibrant color and full-page illustrations of events and places around our region all created by children.

The book is available from the T.C. Thompson Children’s Hospital Foundation, in the Erlanger Medical Center gift shop, and from local merchants.  Unum provided a grant to fund publication costs so 100% of each purchase goes directly to programs in support of the Children’s Hospital.  Call 423-778-6600 for more information on where you can obtain Chattanooga From A to Z.

Listen to the story.

The child singing the alphabet song used in this production is provided under Creative Commons and can be found on our media at the Internet Archive.


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